This document constitutes the Development Plan of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHyCS, for its acronyms in Spanish) for the 2012-2016 period. It sets out the objectives, strategies and actions that will guide efforts to achieve development and consolidation of various academic and administrative processes of the FHyCS.


Hector Jaime Macías Rodríguez Plan 2012-2015 Development Plan

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"The reform of our University, since more than three years ago, has been the most important and relevant slogan that tops the agendas of transformation of the academic and administrative work at each of its Schools, Faculties and Institutes. It is easy to understand that changes there, are planned and have the intention to, from the beginning, create a University more efficient and responsible, able to administrate and regulate the most important dimensions of development that impact directly on the quality of the teaching-learning process."

Mtro. Ramón Mundo Muñoz, Plan de Desarrollo 2008-2011. 

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