Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences counts with a


It is located in building 7C on the 3rd floor.


 It offers the following services:

1.     Gives information about the Bachelor’s Degree that it offers.

2.     Provides educational and psychological guidance.

3.     Attends students with different issues.

4.     Supplies tutoring about study techniques.

5.     Provides results of psychometric tests.

6.     Supports students with special educational needs.

7.     Makes psychopedagogical interventions in groups.

8.     Offers interesting conferences for the student population.


This services do not have any cost for student population

The support that Educational and Psychological Coordination provides relies mainly on the following programs:


Attention to applicants to join UABC:

  • Updated information is provided on each of the degrees offered by our university to support our applicant’s decision about what to study.

  • Profesiographic Diffusion and Information in Institution of Higher Education.

  • Participation in the annual meeting of vocational counselors of the IEMS.

  • A cycle of profesiographic information is organized, in which, through conferences and forums, provides the opportunity to know the contents of the degrees and be in contact with each Academic Unit. These conferences gives the opportunity to ask and to clarify doubts that could be generated on the degree, school, faculty or institute which you want to enter.

  • Provision of individual and/or group information services to applicants entering the Academic Unit.

  • Updates on triptychs of broadcasting of the degrees.


Attention freshmans:


  • Organization/participation in the annual programming of the Induction Course.

  • Introduction of the Induction Course that aims to be identified with our University and adapt to your new school environment; this course will approach the following aspects:


1. Guidance will be provided to improve the students learning stimulating their thinking skills, teaching techniques and habits to make their study have a great performance as well as developing skills for reading, speaking and writing.


Basic information about the University Regulations, Resume, Administrative Procedures and University Services will be provided.


  • Training of new external facilitators for the Induction Course.

  • Organization of activities for the Open House leaded to parents and freshmans.


Psychopedagogical Support to College Students


  • Providing attention if students are stressed, unmotivated or have doubts about their ability to face on or more conflicts.

  • Providing information about sexual education or prevention in drug use.

  • Giving vocational guidance when the student is confused about their vocation.

  • Assisting students when they face family problems or couple problems that interfere with their studies.

  • Posting information through newspapers, conferences, courses, workshops or individualized counseling about:

    • Sex education (prevention of sexual diseases, HIV and pregnancy during their studies).

    • Development of thinking, technical and study skills.

    • Techniques for stress management.

    • Prevention on legal and illegal drugs usage.

    • Guidance on depression (suicide, sexual abuse, anorexy, bulimia, anxiety, aggression and violence).

    • Promotion of ethical and moral values.


-Psychopedagogical Support to Learning Processes



Advice to the teaching staff in the preparation of the material for:

  • Improve school performance.

  • Valued training and skills development.

  • Coordination of courses/workshops relevant to teachers (management group, values and skills of thinking, etc.)

  • Organization of conferences, panels or forums relevant to the learning process and taught to teachers.


Diffusion and Communication:

  • Design and implementation semester of an internal campaign of diffusion on the psychopedagogical services, directed to students, academic staff and administrators of the academic unit.

  • Participation as an organizer in academic events of the academic unit.