UABC's Shield

In 1963, the University needed a slogan that represented our ideals. For this reason,  organized a contest to select a slogan, which could represent it. The jury chose a student from Baja California Miguel Garate Velarde. He proposed the phrase: "Por la plena realización del hombre", which became the official slogan.


On February 15th, 1966 this University made a competition for the creation of a logo that will identify and express their ideals. The draft created by Jose Reyes Meza, has the following description: ocre, which symbolizes Baja California's landscape; green field, which represents the result of the work; around it, there are four fish and a pearl, which refers to the peninsular nature of the region. In the center is a man, which has  a book placed at the bottom. The book is projected into the universe, represented by the sun: the source of life. The firmament (the blue circle), star and moon, symbolize the force of man that through culture obtains the highest ideals.

Also, we can see  that between the slogan and shiel there is  perfect unity; a deep meaning of the phrase is implicit in the emblem, so we contemplate a healthy, vigorous, and fullfield man. A human being without limitations and frustrations, an individual who compleates the mission of our University.



FH&SC's Identity

This logo symbolizes a moment of interaction: two heads - that are interacting- that are in different positions to symbolize their different mindsets; at the same time, they fit together, reminding us that the human being can be complemented in a diverse society.



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