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One of the popular places to visit this autumn - Qatar an interesting country where World football championship will be held

Here are some places to visit during Football World Championship in Qatar

The Pearl of Qatar

It is an artificial island with an area of 4 square kilometers, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It is divided into several districts with different architecture, whose creators were inspired by the most charming Mediterranean cities. "The Pearl of Qatar" gets this name because the island was built on the site where people used to dive in search of pearls.

Here you will see apartment buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, as well as the most luxurious hotels (which you can book on the platform) expensive cars, restaurants and exclusive stores of the city, whose visitors, of course, will need to spend a lot of money to please themselves.

Al Zubara Fort.

A former military fortress declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Al Zubara rises above the ruins that once were the site of a bustling city, a thriving center for trade and pearl fishing, and a witness to the fierce tribal battles of the 18th century. The fort has now been transformed into a museum where visitors can immerse themselves in the history and explore the artifacts of that era.

Desert Safari

If you have an adventurous spirit in you, you'll love the idea of taking a drive through the desert. The best way to get to know the place is to book a tour, as it will allow you to enjoy the views and get an adrenaline boost for the day.

Katara Masjid.

This is a mosque whose second name is the Blue Mosque. It was designed by the Turkish architect Zeynep Fadillioğlu (considered to be the first female architect who specialized in the construction of mosques and who was given the job). The Katara Masjid is decorated with Persian and Turkish tiles and enamel in shades of blue and gold, which contrasts with the buildings surrounding the mosque.



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