Psycho-pedagogical Counselling


The student who wants to study the Bachelor Degree in Psycho-pedagogical Counselling must have the following characteristics:


Basic knowledges on subjects on Language and Literature fields, mainly in general knowledge of orthography and redaction.


1. Disposition to develop the Psycho-pedagogical Counselling activities.

2. Ability to adapt teaching methods and techniques.

3. Ability to communicate in oral and written form.

4. Apply the thinking skills for solving problems.

5. Ability to take advantage of information and communication technologies as tools that will allow you to learn throughout your entire life.


1. Attitude of self-learning and flexible thinking.

2. Recognize the diversity of cultural manifestations, identify them with their own, and value the interculturality to propose alternatives for a better coexistence.

3. Have skills for teaching and to communicate in front of a group and have interest to dominate discipline of the psychopedagogy.

4. Disposition to endorse your abilities for life: knowledge, values and attitude.


1. The graduated of the Psycho-pedagogical Counselling will have a teaching-learning personal method, and a the ability to propose solutions and strategies. Thus, will offer the necessary support and help that students require and will have an own critical and free thought.

2. The graduated will be able to promote the integral development of teenagers; at the same time, will identify problems, through formal and informal investigations, in their development .

3. The graduated will be able to design creative and innovative material to improve their learning.


4. He or she will provide counseling to teachers, about didactic strategies for working with teenagers. The professional will treat students with dignity, affection, respect and ethics.

Promote collaborative relationships in an atmosphere of trust and respect with parents, school community and social environment.



The graduated in Psycho-pedagogical Counselling will be able to work professionally in:

1. In educational institutions at middle schools and high schools in the work of Psycho-pedagogical Counselling, in public and private sectors.

2. In educational institutions as Educational Orientation or Psycho-pedagogical Counselling coordinators.

3. In free exercise of the profession independently in fields of preparation of didactic material, teaching and Psycho-pedagogical Counselling.

Translated by: Martha Gutiérrez and Gloria Sotomayor

Facultad de Idiomas