What is the Social Service?

It is the set of formation activities and application of knowledge, that must been done,of obligatory and temporary way, by students who study of university superior technician and of bachelor’s degree in the Autonomous University of Baja California. The Social Service is a public obligation and one of the relevant functions of higher education; it constitutes an educative process that has the purpose of training the provider.  


How is the Social Service performed?

The University Social Service is structured in two stages:

* The first stage, or Community Social Service (SSC, for its acronym in Spanish), includes the set of activities that students of the Bachelor’s Degree, directed to the fortification of their value formation make; it does not require a certain professional profile. The SSC understands the provision of a minimum of 300 hours and must be made during the first semesters of the degree.


* The second stage, or Professional Social Service (SSP, for its acronym in Spanish), includes the activities that students perform tending to apply the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and values that they have obtained and developed during the process of their university formation. It includes the provision of a minimum of 480 hours in a time not less than 6 months nor more than 2 years, depending on the receiving unit and the activities to make.


What are the requirements to start the Social Service?

First stage:

* To have taken the induction course to Social Service.

* To have a receiving unit.

* To ask for their registration as Social Service providers.


Second stage:

* To have concluded the first stage of Social Service.

* To have taken the induction course to Social Service.

* To count on 60% of its academic load.

* To have a receiving unit.

* To apply for discharge as a Social Service provider.


Where can Social Service be performed?

The Social Service can be made in any federal, state, municipal, social institution and university, as long as it is registered as a receiving unit. The programs of the Social Services are reviewed and evaluated by the Service Social Commission of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which reunites once a month during the semester, once it is reviewed, the approved or rejected opinion is released.

To all the students who have not taken the Induction Course to the Social Service First Stage, we invite you to participate in the following dates:


Social Service First Stage

María de los Ángeles Rodríguez

Social Service Second Stage

Felipe de Jesús Lee Vera

Schedule: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 13:00 pm and 16:00 pm to 17:30 pm