What’s tutoring?

It is the process of accompaniment which a student has during their academic formation by a full time professor, which treats them in a personal way throughout his degree.


What does the tutor do?

The tutor has the function of guiding students in their decisions related to their academic load, learning processes, school or personal issues that arise during the process of their formation to channel it to the corresponding instances when is necessary. Likewise, the tutor has the responsibility to remind the processes and procedures to follow to comply with the academic-administrative requirements, according to the stage through the student is traveling.


How long does the tutoring last?

Tutoring is permanent and the student can consult the tutor at any time during the semester, either to resolve any questions or to ask for guidance on some transactions that he or she needs.


What is the Day of Tutoring?

It is the period of time where the student attends an interview of tutoring to make a record of the Subject Plan that requires them to register in the next school semester. This document (called the Tutorial Sheet) is the guide that supports the registration by internet, both to the student and the tutor.

The tutoring of the Faculty of Humanities program aims to serve as an instrument of support to the students providing information about the needs of compulsory and elective subjects, according to the profiles of students for each period, due to the need to orient them in terms of compulsory and optional credits in addition to the academic requirements to be covered during their degree.

The process of tutoring starts with the selection of tutors, next students will need to inform their tutor about the degree, academic profiles, guidelines and requirements which should cover the students and how perform the filling of the record, which consists of a format of tutoring, academic background and curriculum map of the degree for each student. With the successfully obtained information a data base is elaborated to know the results of the program, from which the following thing are obtained:


1.   Total of students registered by stages.

2.   Number of students attended by the tutor.

3.   Information about academic profiles that students wish to follow.

4.   The corrections in the student's academic backgrounds, default of subjects or errors on their grades.

5.   Concentrating of subjects, both mandatory and optional, that students will attend, who will serve to elaborate the offer of subjects of the following semester.

For more information go to Coordinator of Tutoring
Schedules: 09:00 am to 18:00 pm