This Faculty was founded in August, 1986 offering four Bachelor Degrees: English Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Latin American Literature, History, and Philosophy (located in colonia Juarez.)


The Faculty of Humanities is an alternative of higher education in Baja California, that offers an academic space for the disciplines previously mentioned. During twenty-five years, it has maintained an educational offer adjusting it according to the educational environment. In 1990-2, the Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature was replaced in 1991-1 by the Bachelor's Degree in Communication. In 1992, during the management of Dr.  Luis Llórenz Baez, the school was moved to campus Otay.


The Faculty of Humanities, has always followed the University's Reform framework and the development of their educational offer, which included the educatonal programs focused on teaching professionals to cover basic levels of education -middle school, and high school-. This proposal was formulated, in 2004, based on a clear and obvious need for educational programs which help with a correct training of specialists in the teaching of: Language and Literature, Mathematics and Counseling Psychology and Sociology. In August, 2009 this Faculty started to offer the Bachelor's Degree in Sociology.


Since its establishment, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been a headquarter for the arrival of academics, writers and intellectuals in Mexico and other countries.  The four Bachelor Degrees were evaluated by external academic evaluators. In January, 2006 the Communication and History were accredited as quality educational programs by the Asociación para la Acreditación y Certificación en Ciencias Sociales (ACCECISO, for its acronym). Then, In July of the same year, Latin American Language and Literature Philosophy, were recognized as educational programs of first level by the Comité de Educación, Arte y Humanidades de los Comités Interinstitucionales para la Evaluación de la Educación superior (CIEES). Finally, Teaching of  Language and Literature, Teaching of Mathematics and Counseling Psychology obtained the acreditation by the Comité para la Evaluación de Programas de Pedagogía y Educación (CEPPE, for its acronym in Spanish). In recent years, more than 90 percent of the student population, studies a Bachelor's Degrees program, that is recognized for its good quality. Thanks to the support of the University authorities, and effort of the generations of graduates, The Faculty of Humanities has been successesful academic place. For this reason, the infrastructure and equipment is updated for the performance of its activities.


Graduates can work in educational areas, cultural and media institutions of the region. In 2002, together with the Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT, for its acronym in Spanish), produced two programs: one radio program (Paralelo Cultural, transmitted through Radio Universidad), and another television program (Cultura a Cuadro, transmitted by the channel 21 of Tijuana). The second one still carried out on a weekly basis by students and teachers. Both programs, in addition to being the chronicle of the cultural life of Baja California, during the last five years, showcase the creative and technical capability of our University.

Translated by: Martha Gutiérrez and Gloria Sotomayor

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