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Degree in Psychopedagogical Advisory


The student who wishes to enter the degree in Psychopedagogical Counseling must have the following characteristics:



Basic knowledge in subjects of the area of ​​Language and Literature, mainly general knowledge of spelling and writing.



Willingness to develop the activity of psychopedagogical advice.

Ability to adapt to teaching methods and techniques.

Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Implement thinking skills for problem solving.

Ability to take advantage of information and communication technologies as tools that allow you to learn throughout your life.


Self-learning and flexible thinking attitude.

Recognize the diversity of cultural manifestations, identify them with their own and value interculturality to propose alternatives for a better coexistence.

Have vocation for teaching, and communication in front of the group and have interest in mastering the discipline of psychopedagogy.

Willingness to strengthen their life skills: knowledge, value and attitude.



The professional in the area of ​​Psycho-Pedagogical Counseling will have a personal teaching-learning method, will have the full capacity to propose solutions and strategies and will offer the necessary support and help required by the students in question and will have their own critical and free thinking.

  • Promote the integral development of adolescents.

  • Identify problems in adolescent development and channel them.

  • Design creative and innovative materials to improve learning.

  • Detect problems in adolescents through formal and informal investigations.

  • Provide advice to teachers on teaching strategies for working with adolescents.

  • Treat students with dignity, affection, respect and ethics.

  • Promote collaborative relationships in an environment of trust and respect with mothers, fathers, school community and social environment.


Occupational Field


The graduate in Psychopedagogical Counseling may perform professionally:

In educational institutions of the secondary and preparatory levels, in the work of Psychopedagogical Consultancy, in the public and private sectors.


In educational institutions as coordinators of Educational Guidance or Psychopedagogical Counseling.


In the free exercise of the profession independently in areas of preparation of teaching material, teaching and Psychopedagogical Counseling.

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