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Identidad FHyCS
¿Qué es?

The logo symbolizes an interaction situation: the two heads - which are articulated in dialogue -, are in a different position alluding to the difference of opinion between them, however they embody the two figures, remembering that the human being is complemented in a diverse society.



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Escudo Institucional
original, modificación y cambio de lema




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In 1963, the university considered the need for our maximum house of studies to have a motto that synthesized our ideals; This is how a call was issued to select the university motto in a competition. The qualifying jury chose as winner the then Baja California student Miguel Gárate Velarde, who participated with the phrase: "For the full realization of man" that became the official motto of our Alma Mater.

On February 15, 1966, the university convened a contest for the development of an emblem that identified and expressed its ideals. The emblem project prepared by José Reyes Meza and supported by the university motto, is as follows: ocher field, which symbolizes the Baja California land; green field, which represents the fruit of work and surrounding it, four fish and a mother of pearl, which allude to the peninsular nature of the entity.


In the center is the man, whose base of support is a book from which it is projected towards the universe, represented by the sun - source of life -, the sky (blue circle), star and moon, thus symbolizing the fullness of man , which through culture reaches the highest ideals.

We can also appreciate that between the motto and the emblem there is a perfect unity, since the deep meaning of the phrase is implicit in the emblem, in such a way that we contemplate a healthy, vigorous man, in fullness, revealing the physical semblance that provides the culture of the body in harmonic and integral realization with its intellectual aspect. A being without limitations or frustrations; In short, a being that makes the mission of our university a reality.


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