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The purpose of the academic tutoring program is to guide and assist students to design a program of curricular and extracurricular academic activities that favor their integral training and achieve the desired professional profile. 


The academic tutoring program is aimed at reducing school dropout and increasing retention, reducing disapproval and lag rates, favoring student learning, and improving the terminal efficiency and degree indicators of the academic unit, and will be developed in accordance with the provisions of the School Statute and the Operation Manual of the Tutor's Department of the Faculty.


All students have the right to be assigned an academic tutor from their entrance to the Faculty. In the case of face-to-face tutoring, for no reason will the student receive them outside the facilities of the Faculty, or at a time other than the one established.


No career academic may exempt himself from providing academic tutoring, except for legitimate reasons.

The following are tutor obligations:


I. Prepare and submit the academic tutoring program under tutor's charge for the vice-principal's approval;

II. Personally provide the service of academic tutorials to the students of the Faculty, supporting the integral formation of the student;

III. Keep track of your tutored, according to the format authorized by the director;

IV. Authorize the learning units in which students can re-enroll;

V. Participate in meetings with the other tutors, to schedule and evaluate the tutoring activities;

VI. Inform the person in charge of the Tutoring Program, and this one to the assistant director, with the periodicity to be determined, the academic tutoring activities carried out, and

VII. The others established in the Tutorial Operation Manual of the Faculty.

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