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Masters in Communication



The objective of the program is to train human resources at the master level, capable of enunciating and implementing communication strategies in the different areas of social interaction, conceptualizing the problems of communication processes and enabling the student to intervene in communication processes of diverse nature.


Currently, trends in the professional field of communication require a permanent updating of knowledge and incorporate new tools to improve professional practice, that is, an expert capable of understanding social transformations, developing a sense of orientation towards the definition of new messages and intervention as a strategy to solve communication problems.

The program may be taken in Ensenada, Tijuana or Mexicali and will have limited availability. The applicant must request admission to one of the three participating academic units. It will last 4 semesters and can be taken in a maximum of 5 semesters.

For more information, contact: 

M.C. Gerardo G. León Barrios

Postgraduate and Research Coordinator

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, UABC-Tijuana

Phone number: (664) 682-19-19, ext. 55716


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