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¿Qué es?

What is tutoring?

It is the accompaniment process that a student has during his academic training by a full-time teacher, who attends him personally throughout his career.


What does the tutor do?

The tutor has the function of guiding the student in decisions related to their academic load, learning processes, school or personal problems that arise during the process of their training to channel it to the appropriate instances when necessary. Likewise, the tutor has the responsibility of reminding them of the processes and procedures to follow to meet the academic and administrative requirements, in accordance with the stage through which the student is going.


How long is the tutoring?

The tutoring is permanent and the student can consult the tutor at any time during the semester, either to resolve any questions or ask for guidance on any procedure they need.


What is the Tutoring Day?

It is the period where the student attends a tutoring interview to make a record of the subject plan that requires enrolling in the following school period. This document (called the tutoring sheet) is the guide that supports online enrollment for both the student and the Tutor.

The tutoring program of the Faculty of Humanities has the objective of serving as a support instrument for students providing information on the needs of subjects, mandatory and optional, according to the student profiles for each period, due to the need to guide them in terms of mandatory and optional credits, in addition to the academic requirements that they must cover during their career.

The tutoring process begins with the selection of tutors, as a second step the tutors are informed about the career, academic profiles, guidelines and requirements that students must cover and how to complete the file, which consists of a tutoring format, Cardex and curriculum map of the degree for each student. With the information collected, a database is prepared to know the results of the program, from which the following is obtained:

  1. Total students enrolled in stages.

  2. Number of students attended by tutor.

  3. Information on academic profiles that students want to follow.

  4. Corrections in the students' index, for omission of subjects or errors in grades.

  5. A concentrate of subjects, both mandatory and optional, that students will take, which will be used to prepare the offer of subjects for the following semester.

For more information go to the Tutoring Coordinator.

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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