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Humanities in the Community 


By the end of 2012, a linkage program called “Humanities in the Community” was launched at the Valle Verde Community Development Center, located in the colony of the same name. This program attached to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FH&SS) consists of a series of free educational services and workshops aimed at disadvantaged social sectors, in which students and professors from different careers participate. The services and workshops with which this approach to society has begun are the following:

  • Ø Mathematics consultancy to improve the level in high school students

  • Ø Consulting in reading and comprehension to develop the capacity of analysis and synthesis in high school students

  • Ø Psycho-pedagogical advice to improve school performance

  • Ø Philosophy for children, a stimulus for children's reasoning

  • Ø Storytelling workshop aimed at promoting reading in children aged 9 to 13

  • Ø Photography workshops

  • Ø History of your community, a recovery of the historical memory of the inhabitants of the community of Valle Verde

  • Ø Diagnosis of the social impact of the Valle Verde Community Center on users

The program has among its objectives to offer to the students of the different degrees of the FH&SS the possibility of carrying out their social service, professional practices or linking of subjects; but above all, to give back to society some of what they learned in the classrooms as part of their social commitment as university students. Similarly, this program aims to position the contributions of the humanities and social sciences careers in the development of the communities in which it is intended to extend and apply the different projects that comprise it. All students interested in participating are invited to approach their respective career coordinations for more information.

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