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Bachelor of Latin American Language and Literature


The applicant who wishes to enter the Bachelor of Latin American Language and Literature of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California, must have the following characteristics:



Higher middle level knowledge in areas of:

Social Sciences.


Spanish Literature and Language



Reading hobby.

Appreciation of artistic and cultural values.

Sensitivity to the social phenomena of the environment. Tolerance towards diversity.



Skills for oral and written expression.

The creation and innovation.

The documentary investigation.

The use of new technologies.


The Bachelor of Latin American Language and Literature of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California is a competent professional to create, design, evaluate and advise projects in the field of linguistics and literature. He will be competent to:

Generate texts following representative literary models that favor the acquisition of their own style, for the expression of creativity and the dissemination of oral or written information with theoretical methodological requirements, observing ethical codes and current legislation.

Develop methodologically supported research, applying cognitive processes from a critical-practical point of view for the development of specialized and dissemination texts.

Develop criteria and teaching techniques in multidisciplinary groups through updated pedagogical strategies, considering an ethical commitment to the community for teaching language and literature in order to train socially responsible subjects.

Apply linguistic structures through generally accepted criteria that allow the performance of the profession according to standard Mexican Spanish and within an ethical framework.


The Bachelor of Language and Literature of Latin America may work in:


In the Public sector

In the areas of social communication, education and cultural promotion in the Federal, State or Municipal Government, as well as in decentralized organizations.


The Private Sector

In the areas of education, public relations, press and audiovisual media.

As a freelancer

In text creation, teaching, consulting and advisory services in language and literature, design and editorial correction, cultural promotion and reading.

Why study language and literature at UABC?

In addition to the intellectual characteristics and traditions of these disciplines, the career curriculum offers the advantages of the professional competitive model, which allows the construction of a profile that enables graduates to meet the expectations of the regional labor market.


The bachelor's degree has professors with extensive teaching and academic experience, who also enjoy experience and prestige in the areas of literary creation and criticism, dramaturgy, linguistics and cultural promotion.


Frequently, students of the career actively participate in the cultural life of the region, so that their graduates stand out for their work in the fields of literary creation, promotion and cultural management, correction and editorial design, journalism and teaching.

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