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Master's and Doctorate in History 

The Autonomous University of Baja California, through the Institute of Historical Research and the Faculty of Humanities,  Convene the Master's and Doctorate Program in History in the Master's modality.

The Master's and Doctorate in History (PMDH) program addresses the need to continue the development and advancement of historical research conducted from northwestern Mexico. It is an institutional effort focused on expanding and strengthening the postgraduate educational offer in the areas of Social Sciences and Humanities offered by the Autonomous University of Baja California through the Institute of Historical Research and the Faculty of Humanities.

The PMDH is especially aimed at graduates of bachelor's and master's degrees in the area of ​​social sciences and humanities. It constitutes a disciplinary alternative focused on the historical analysis of the various international processes generated in the countries of the Pacific basin.


General objectives

Train competent professionals in historical research who are also able to work in the field of teaching and dissemination of this field of knowledge. It is mainly focused on providing the necessary tools for the management and contribution from the historiographic field through the pertinent use of theoretical-methodological perspectives applied to research. On the other hand, it is proposed that they have the qualities to transmit their results in various publications, academic forums and electronic media.


Admission profile


  • Basic knowledge about the history and historiography of Mexico, historical processes among the countries of the Pacific basin, methodology of historical and social research, theory of history, social sciences and humanities. This knowledge will be evaluated through personal interviews and written evaluations.

  • Skills: creativity, capacity for analysis, synthesis, written and oral expression and generation of scientific knowledge.

  • Values: willingness shown in dialogue, tolerance and understanding towards other points of view, as well as cultural diversity and plurality, commitment and willingness to disseminate, communicate and exchange knowledge.


Requirements to be met during the selection process


  • Fill in and hand in the application of admission, which is available in the page or in the IIH-UABC offices. 

  • In all of the modalities, it is required that a previous investigation is presented for evaluation (minimum extension of 10 pages, including references) in Arial or Times New Roman typography with 1.5 spacing.

  • A letter explaining motives for choosing to apply.

  • Have a degree of preference in the area of ​​Social Sciences or Humanities

  • Cardex of undergraduate studies with a minimum average of 80 out of 100, or its equivalent, in undergraduate studies. 

  • Submit a copy of the bachelor's thesis, if any, and Curriculum Vitae (with supporting documents).

  • Two letters of academic recommendation.

  • Four recent child-sized photographs.

  • Photocopy of birth certificate.

  • Medical certificate.

  • Ability to read and understand academic texts written in the English language, due to the reason most of the bibliography used in the program requires that ability. In cases that merit it, the Graduate Studies Committee will decide the relevance of validating the knowledge of other languages.

  • Approve the selection process.





Selection Process 

The PMDH Postgraduate Studies Committee will be in charge of the selection process that will consist of the following stages:


1. Evaluation of admission applications (format provided by the PMDH Coordination available on the blog) along with the required documentation.


2. Evaluation to shortlisted applicants

2.1. Interview to evaluate the following aspects:

  • Basic knowledge of the chosen research line

  • Ability in oral expression

  • General knowledge of social and historical processes

  • General historiography knowledge

  • Knowledge about social and historical research methodology


2.2. Written evaluation based on the following aspects:

  • Ability for written expression

  • Reading comprehension

  • Synthesis capacity


3. Notification of results to selected students and publication on the PMDH website.

Graduate Profile


PMDH students will have the following skills and aptitudes:


  • Critical knowledge of the main trends in methodologies for historical research

  • Integrative vision of the historical processes that are generated in national and international relations

  • Ability to propose, carry out and evaluate research projects related to their disciplinary field

  • Skills for the analysis of historical problems of national and international character, individually and in interdisciplinary teams

  • Write scientific texts such as articles, book chapters and books

  • Train high-level human resources in the field of historical research

  • Awareness of the social commitment to society and the environment

Graduation Requirements


1. Cover the obligatory and optional credits of the program. The curriculum includes a total of 80 credits.


2. Submit the thesis in the time established by the thesis director or co-directors and the Postgraduate Studies Committee, submit it to its corresponding defense and approval.




Admission applications available at: 

Reception of the IIH-UABC




Class Schedule:

Thursday and friday from 5PM to 8PM, and saturdays from 8AM to 2PM in the Institute of Historical Research. Registration fees and tuition fees will be informed in due course to the selected applicants.

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