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Common Trunk in Pedagogy (Online Modality)

Are you interested in having more flexibility in your school schedules?

Do you need to work from home to continue studying? 

Are you interested in developing digital abilities that will help you in a professional environment?

Is it difficult for you to get to school?


The Autonomous University of Baja California, in an effort to offer greater possibilities of access to higher education, puts at your disposal the opportunity to pursue the common trunk of the Pedagogy Programs, which will be offered at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Innovation (Mexicali) and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Tijuana).


The common trunk is made up of 20 subjects distributed in three semesters. At the end of this stage, you can choose to join any of the three educational programs of the faculty, in the classroom mode (according to availability and the auction in which you participate).


In which cities will the online mode be offered?

At the moment only in Mexicali in the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Innovation and in Tijuana in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Are there other programs offered in this modality at the UABC?

No, at the moment this modality is only available exclusively in Pedagogy programs, both in Mexicali and in Tijuana.


When I graduate from UABC, will my degree have the same validity as one of a totally face-to-face program?

Yes, of course, the titles are the same in terms of their issuance and official validity, regardless of the mode in which the program.


How do online classes work?

A virtual classroom is used on the internet where you have access to all your courses, the contents and description of learning activities, and where you interact with other classmates and your teacher.

What do I need to study online?

It is required to have computer equipment and internet access.


Will I be able to access the facilities and services of the UABC? Like any UABC student, you have access to university facilities at all times to consult libraries; attend laboratories; take tutoring; and carry out school procedures, among other services.

How do I choose the online program?

When following the procedure established in the call for admission to UABC, when you make the choice of the educational program you want to access, the option of face-to-face pedagogy programs and the common trunk will appear online, you must choose this option to indicate your preference .

Is there a difference in the cost of inscription if I choose the online modality?

There is no difference in the registration fee because you have access to all the resources and facilities of the university and to the same quality of education, either in an online program or in a face-to-face program.

In relation to the online modality and the duration of the degree, taking the common trunk online would delay me in the conclusion of my career?

In either of the two modalities (face-to-face or online) the duration of the full degree program is eight semesters. The modality does not influence the duration of the degree, the common trunk in line is equal in duration to the common trunk in the face-to-face modality.



· Schedule flexibility:

Within the programs there are defined activities, all of them asynchronous, which allows you to decide the study times that fit your needs. 


· Development in digital abilities:

The activity in the virtual classroom allows you to develop autonomous and continuous learning strategies; work in collaborative projects; communicate assertively in electronic media, among other important skills for your working life.


· Balance between work and education:

In the online modality you do not have to attend classes at a fixed time or place, which gives you the freedom to combine work with study.


· No need to constantly go to school facilities:

You do not have to attend the facilities of the university to take classes, a virtual classroom is used for learning activities and contact with your teacher. However, like every student, you have free access to libraries, laboratories, sports areas, among other service areas.


· Educational quality:

In the online modality, as in the face-to-face programs of the UABC, you have access to updated content, learning activities designed by experts, and at all times you are accompanied by a specialized teacher and a tutor who guides you in your academic project, so you can be sure that you are receiving quality education in any modality you choose.


Learn more information about all the educational programs that this common trunk has:


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